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Suzhou Oriplas Machinery wird an Plastex Usbekistan 2019 teilnehmen

Zeit: 2019-09-27 Zugriffe: 41

Suzhou Oriplas Machinery is going to attend Plastex Uzbekistan 2019. The exhibition will start on 9th-11st in October 2019. Its address is 107, Amir Temur street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. You can ?nd Suzhou Oriplas Machinery on booth C88. We sincerely welcome your visit and inquiry.

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Suzhou Oriplas Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in TaiCang ShuangFeng industrial zone, Suzhou city, It is a high-tech and innovative company, which is dedicated to high and mid grade plastics extrusion molding equipment research and development. The work scope is from pipe extrusion machine industry、profile extrusion machine industry and pelletizing machine and other application, to equipment assembly, Providing solution for single、twin screw extruder, mold and other downstream equipment. According to the di?erent needs of customers, providing special design extrusion production line with the advantage of energy-efficient and intelligent.

We will take our newest pipe extrusion line to the exhibition and welcome to visit and inquiry. We will send our senior engineer and most experienced salesman there to introduce our products to the visitors. They will answer all your questions professionally with their knowledge of technology and products.

Oriplas company’s core members of leaders-ship is consist of specialist who has more than 20 years’experience in the extrusion industry.
The company has the future innovative development team and high-quality &experienced mechanical 、electrical debugging after-sales team, and advanced mechanical processing base and modern assembly workshop.

If you are interested in plastic extrusion, HDPE pipe extrusion, PVC pipe making machine etc. Please feel free to contact us or visit our booth. We are the best HDPE pipe making machine manufacturer. Choose Oriplas, choose the best!