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Sommertourismusaktivitäten offiziell eröffnet

Zeit: 2020-12-29 Zugriffe: 200

Oriplas machinery annual excellent staff travel and development training activities began today. The route of the event includes Shanghai, Yixing and Wuxi.
In addition, we also prepared gifts for all members.
In the past year, we have achieved rapid development and great achievements. These are all thanks to the efforts of every member of Oriplas machinery. Company is in line with Permanent Innovation、Quality-centered, as the spirit of enterprise, constantly seek a new development model in the field of extrusion. Oriplas company manufacturing base is closed to Shanghai, the existing building area of 8000 square meters, with the capable of producing all kinds of extrusion production lines. After the preparation of the past time, the company's products have been applied to more domestic and abroad, and well received by customers.
Oriplas thanks every employee who worked hard for the company. We hope everyone will continue to work hard and achieve higher achievements.
Everybody enjoy this trip.

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